Frequently Asked Questions

Account Setup

How is a household setup?

Each family unit (whether that’s just one person or several) has one account. The head of the household and spouse can manage all family members’ contact information and event registration. Other family members with email addresses can sign in with their own passwords to manage their information.

Family members can receive communications from Calvary Church at their own email addresses. Communications to family members without email addresses receive communications at the Family Email address. For example, notices about your preschooler’s Sunday School class will come to the Family Email address you specify in the Household section of My Info.

Do I have to know everyone’s info in order to set up my account?

To set up your household’s account, you just need an email address and personal information about the head of the household. You can add information about other family members later.

What if someone in my family doesn’t have email?

You can set up a Family Email address for your household. This address is used for family members who do not have email addresses and can be found under the Household section.


Who has access to my contact information?

Your privacy is very important to us. The head of the household or spouse can specify whether the family’s address should be kept private, and each family member can choose to make their email address and phone number private. The information you mark as private is never included in the Church Directory.

To mark your contact information as private, do the following:

  1. Sign in to My Calvary here and click the Profile tab.
  2. Under the Household section check the box next to the Private number and Private email fields to mark your home phone and family email address as private.
  3. Under the Household section check the box next to the Hide this address from the Directory field to mark your street address as private.
  4. Under the Communication section uncheck the box next to the Visible to everyone field to make your personal phone number and email address private.

I do not want to be in the Directory, how do I remove myself?

  1. Sign in to My Calvary here and click the Profile tab.
  2. Under the Personal Information section uncheck the box next to the Include me in the directory field to remove yourself from the Directory.  Each member of the household will need to be individually removed and can be selected from the drop down box at the top of the page.