Frequently Asked Questions

Ways to Give Online

Does Calvary Church accept debit or credit cards for donations?

At this time we do not accept debit or credit cards due to the fee and percentage taken from each gift. Each Visa/Master Card debit card or credit card transaction costs $0.45 per transaction plus 2.75% of the total transaction.

How do I give a one-time gift?

  1. Sign in to My Calvary here and click the Giving tab.
  2. Click the New Donation button.
  3. Select a Payment Method or Click the Add button to add a Payment Method.
    1. In the pop-up box, follow the instructions to specify the type of bank account and enter your bank’s information.
    2. Click Submit to save the payment method.
  4. Enter the gift amount and choose a designated fund. You can specify more than one fund, if you like.
  5. In the Recurrence field, specify that this is a One Time gift.
  6. Specify the date when you want to make your gift. Depending on your bank’s hours, the transaction may take place up to two days after this date.
  7. Click the checkbox if you’d like an email reminder when your gift is withdrawn from your account.

How do I set up a recurring gift?

To set up a recurring gift follow the instructions for a one-time gift but specify how often you want to make the gift in the Recurrence field of step 5.

How do I change or cancel my scheduled giving?

You can change or delete your scheduled giving amount any time.  Just click on the Cancel link next to the scheduled transaction on the main Giving tab.

  • If there is no transaction in progress, the change takes place immediately.
  • If a transaction was been initiated before the change, you’ll see an In Progress notation in the Giving History section. Your change takes effect after the current transaction is complete.


Who will know how much I give?

Only the people (Calvary accountants) who currently process giving can see the amount you give—your privacy is very important to us.

Is online giving safe?

Yes. Elexio and Vanco Services are using highest level of controls for online giving and processing.

Reports and Accounts

How can I get printed statements of my giving?

You can view or print your own giving reports any time. Your reports can include such time periods as the last 6 months, the current year, and last year. The church will also mail you a printed year-end contribution statement.  To view or print your giving report online, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to My Calvary here and click the Giving tab.
  2. In the Giving History section, click the period of time you want to report on. The report appears on the screen as soon as you click.
  3. To print the report, click the Print button.

What if we want two separate donation records in one household?

If you wish to setup this donation feature please contact the church office at or call at (717) 560-2341.