Join us on Wednesday, September 13th to sign up for Student Groups!

Kick-off #1 is from 6:30-8:00pm in the CSM Lower Auditorium

During our Kick-off #1, students will get a chance to fill out a card to sign up for groups! On this card, they can list one or two friends that they would like to be with in a group (or list that they would like to stay in the same group as the previous year). During the following week, the CSM staff will review all cards and place students in groups by gender and grade. During Kick-off #2 on Wednesday, September 20, we will dismiss students to find their groups and meet their leaders! If you have any questions about sign-ups for groups or placement of students within groups, please contact Drew Williams or Jen Gregory. Thank you!


Note: If a student is not able to attend on Wednesday, September 13th, we will also have the Student Group sign-up card available on Sunday, September 17. Students can also sign up at any point during the year by just coming on a Wednesday night and checking in at the CSM Connections Window!

Since our goal is for students to Pursue Life in Christ, relationally-based life change is our objective. We believe that happens when students take large or small steps toward


Student Groups are gender and grade specific small groups that meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm throughout the school year.  The groups are led by two adult leaders (and possibly a 12th grade student apprentice) with a target size of 6-12 students in each group. All of our major events involve Student Groups as units to promote unity in the group.


We believe that life change is facilitated in the context of relationships, so we build Student Groups at the beginning of the year (September) by asking students to choose one or two of their friends to be in group with them or choose their leader team from the previous year.


The context of Student Groups is a fun and caring environment where leaders guide a discussion based on the current series taught on Sunday mornings in our Middle School and High School gatherings with the intention of digging into God's Word. Our purpose in Student Groups is to discuss how the truth can be personalized in our lives.



We highly recommend that every student sign up for Student Groups every year!
Want to learn more? Read our Student Group Expectations & Agreement

If you have any questions about our Student Group ministry,
please email Drew Williams or call him at 509-6245.