We seek to inspire and equip middle school students to live out God's Word 
by learning what it means and doing what it says. 
During our weekly gatherings, teens will experience 
relevant teaching from God's Word, authentic worship, and peer interaction.


Who:   Middle School Students  // 7th & 8th Grades
When:   Sunday 9:15am
Where:   Calvary Church, Lower Auditorium
Staff:   Drew Williams




We all have a favorite Bible verse... we memorize it, put it on a bookmark or t-shirt... but do we always fully understand what it means? For 3 weeks, we are going to look at passages that are important to our faith, but are commonly MISQUOTED or misunderstood. We want to understand the context of these verses and their real intended meaning. This correct interpretation will help lead us to better understanding of how God works and how we should then live. 


Apr 15 | MISQUOTED: Philippians 4:13 "I Can Do All Things" - Eric Gregory

Apr 22 | MISQUOTED: Matthew 7:21 "Who Does the Will of my Father" - Drew Williams

Apr 29 | MISQUOTED: Jeremiah 29:11 "Plans to Prosper You" - Eric Gregory

If you have questions about our Middle School Gathering, please contact
Drew Williams at dwilliams@calvarychurch.org or 717-509-6245

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