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Internet Safety: Is Your Home Protected?
A practical guide to creating a safe internet environment within your home and communicating well with your teen. 

Guest Speakers: George May and Dale Weaver
Topic: Providing practical instruction on shepherding your child’s heart, but also on how to practically protect your home.
(This PG-13 session ended our 3-week Purity Series for both Middle School and High School.)

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PG13 Nov. 15th

PG-13: Finding our Faith in the Movies!

So often we hear that movies and television are harming our families with their godless ideas and disregard for God - but is it possible that these cinematic stories are actually conduits to the Gospel? Do beautifully created movies have the power to turn our conversations to the Creator and to Christian ideas of truth, beauty, and goodness? Is it possible to worship God through secular movies? How do we help our children to be both discerning in their viewing while reveling in the beauty of a creatively crafted cinematic story?
Dr. Timothy Shea, Associate Professor of English at Millersville University and Calvary Church member will guide us in an exploration of these and other questions as we seek to help our teens to engage with their world and to stir their hearts through the medium of film and television.

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