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In Up Out SERIES In Up Out

We are God's works in progress, changing us for OUR good, HIS…

4: Why We Read the Bible SERIES 4: Why We Read the Bible

The Bible is key to our spiritual growth.

Speaker: Drew Williams

3. Strengthen Your Faith Together SERIES 3. Strengthen Your Faith Together

Our goal is to strengthen one another’s faith.

Speaker: Drew…

2: Mature in Christ SERIES 2: Mature in Christ

We have a joy, responsibility and instruction to present everyone…



Every once and awhile we need to take a break from our regular series and hear from people who are passionate about particular parts of God’s Word. We…


Right at the beginning of the bible, God creates humanity in a distinct way, in His image. God exists in a perfect relationship that we call the Trinity:…

Girl Power

As we start the new school year the Middle School will be looking at significant women in Scripture during our Gathering time on Sunday mornings. Many…

Emoji: How are You Feeling?



We all have a favorite bible verse, we memorize it, put it on a bookmark or t-shirt, but do we always fully understand what it means? For 3 weeks we are…

Live Sent

Jesus prayed in John 17, "As you sent me in to the world, so I have sent them into the world." God sent Jesus into our world and we have been sent to tell…

On Demand

In the New Testament Jesus instructs believers on how to live now that they are followers of Him. These commands do not gain us a right standing with God…

Hear O Middle School

“Hear O Middle School” is a four week series that will be looking through the book of Deuteronomy and showing us how we need to hear from God. The Hebrew…

Winter Retreat 2018

At this year's Student Ministry Winter Retreat, we had the privilege of hearing from Matt Densky, as he spoke biblical truth to us throughout the weekend.


Home Makeover shows have been hugely popular in recent years. There is something so exciting about seeing the potential in a house that is broken and dilapidated…

Active Waiting: 1 Thessalonians

1 Thessalonians helps believers have a perspective of the past, present, and future. What God has done in the past will change the way we live today in…

Labeled: Who Are You?

“Labeled: Who are you?” Is a four week series Middle School will be studying during the month of November. In Ephesians, Paul wants the church there to…

Reformation Sunday

October 31, 2017 marks the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. This one act, by one man changed…



I Pity The Fool: A Look at Proverbs

We find ourselves telling student to make wise decisions but sometimes our students don’t know where to go to find good advice. In the 80’s people went…

Squad Goals

Who you surround yourself with will either help or hurt your pursuit of life in Christ. We want to kick off the new school year looking at who is in our…

Vision & Values

As we start the year, we want to focus on why we are here and where we are going. To do this, we must return to our Vision and Values. Our Vision shows…

Amos: Justice and Mercy

The book of Amos is a great warning to believers to take our sin seriously. Because of God’s character, He has to punish our sin but He is also full of…


Do you realize what you just said? Do you think before you speak? These are questions I ask myself or others ask me. For 2 weeks in the Middle School we…

Go Weekend

At GO WEEKEND we look outwards and go into God’s world together, to serve our local communities.


On October 31, 1517 the world changed. Martin Luther nailed 95 ways the Catholic church was not teaching the truths that are in Scripture. He would go…

Girl Power

In February the Middle School will be looking at women in Scripture. So many times we hear about the great men that God uses but we forget that God also…

Alive in Christ

We are taking two weeks to look at the book of Colossians. We want student to stop living the way they are living. When we look at out students they are…

Getting Ready for Jesus

As we approach the Christmas season there is a busyness and an excitement about the upcoming Holiday. But what about the first Christmas? How did people…


We realize that the middle school years can be really difficult and one of the hardest parts of middle school is trying to figure out, “Who am I?” We want…

I Believe

Do you truly believe that God is always faithful? How are we all like Abraham? Are you trusting God by faith and living through His promises?

Stay Fit: Spiritual Training

Our new series is called, “Staying Fit” and the focus will be on Spiritual Disciplines. We will use Scripture to prove its own power and effectiveness…

Vision & Values

We kick off a new year by going back to the basics, who are we and why do we do what we do? We call these our Vision and Values. Throughout this series…


We are starting a new summer series this week, which will work through the book of Acts. Our “Acts” series will help us learn how Christ’s followers took…


Transition of 6th graders to 7th grade students in Calvary Student Ministries!!



What Are You Thinking?: Relationships, Purity, Sexuality

Over the next two weeks, Middle School will focused on a new series called What are you thinking?: Relationships, Purity, Sexuality. We will be approaching…





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Guest Speaker

Listen to hear how God has worked mightily in the life of Jose Jimenez.



New Creation

2 Corinthians 5:17

Stand Alone Sermons

Stand Alone

Christmas Special

How well do you know the Christmas story?

In The Light

1 John


We are starting a new series in Middle School called Targeted. The concept behind Targeted is the idea that adolescents are being targeted every day to…

Conform | Transform

Conformed or Transformed. Which one are you becoming?