We seek to inspire and equip middle school students to live out God's Word 
by learning what it means and doing what it says. 
During our weekly gatherings, teens will experience 
relevant teaching from God's Word, authentic worship, and peer interaction.


Who:   Middle School Students  // 7th & 8th Grades
When:   Sunday 9:15am
Where:   Calvary Church, Lower Auditorium
Staff:   Drew Williams



On October 31,1517 the world changed. Martin Luther nailed 95 ways the Catholic Church was not teaching the truths that are in Scripture to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. He would go on to write the 5 Sola’s which are the 5 pillars of Christianity. (Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, and to God’s Glory Alone.)

The Sola’s series will run for 5 weeks as we look at the foundation of our faith and also build excitement to the 500 year anniversary of the 95 theses in October. This is a combined series for both High School and Middle School.


Mar 05 | SOLA: Scripture Alone - Drew Williams (Combined MS & HS)

Mar 12 | SOLA: Faith Alone - Eric Gregory

Mar 19 | SOLA: Grace Alone - Eric Gregory

Mar 26 | SOLA: Christ Alone - Drew Williams

Apr 02 | SOLA: Glory Alone - Eric Gregory (Combined MS & HS)

If you have questions about our Middle School Gathering, please contact
Drew Williams at dwilliams@calvarychurch.org or 717-509-6245