We are so thankful for your commitment to Calvary Student Ministries this past year!
As we wrap up this year, it is helpful for us to plan through to the upcoming year and know how to recruit and enlist new leaders to get connected to this ministry. We can only plan throughout the summer when we know where you stand in regards to whether or not you are able to return as a leader, apprentice, or coach.

Please complete this form by Wednesday, May 16th.
Thank you!

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We want to continually celebrate what God is doing in your group and in the lives of individual students! Please share with us a celebration story of LIFE-CHANGE from this year. (Some of these stories may be shared with the elders.)
We think small group ministry is pretty cool but we know we can improve. Please share with us how we can do better. It's OK to be candid, but please also be gracious.
Although we spend a great deal of the summer talking to people about becoming CSM Leaders or Apprentices, OUR CURRENT LEADERS KNOW WHAT IT TAKES and can be our best recruiters! Please help us by giving us the contact info for someone you know that could potentially join us next year. (CSM Staff will contact them directly.)
Potential Leaders: