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Home Makeover shows have been hugely popular in recent years. There is something so exciting about seeing the potential in a house that is broken and dilapidated and then bringing new life and beauty to it. As we enter a New Year and look ahead to the Winter Retreat, we want to focus in on our hearts: what are areas in our life that need remodeling? In this series, we will focus on the two great commands in scripture: Love God and Love Others. These simple instructions are the blueprints to a new heart, a new life in Christ. How could God REMODEL your heart this year?

Love Others 1/7/2018 SERIES Love Others 1/7/2018

Flowing from my love of God and the example Christ has set for us, we should…

Love God 12/31/2017 SERIES Love God 12/31/2017

This week, we focus on the first command, Loving God. As we look at 1 John…