CSM High School Gathering Podcast


Fusion 2017

The goal of Fusion is for groups to go deeper faster. This year we are going to use sports as a metaphor for the Christian life, focusing on what it means to be a part of the team as we go through Philippians 1-3. At any sporting event, there are usually hundreds if not thousands of people watching from the stands, but only a few people playing. In our christian lives, we don’t want to be spectators, we want to be playing, living out what God has called us to do! We want to be great teammates, who are humble and give their all to the team! We want to be people who don’t get lazy, but work everyday to be more like Jesus, living for the eternal, not the temporary!

Championship 10/15/17 SERIES Championship 10/15/17

Are you living for eternity?

Speakers: Eric Gregory & Drew Williams


Team 10/14/17 SERIES Team 10/14/17

How good of a teammate are you?

Speakers: Eric Gregory & Drew Williams


Player 10/11/17 SERIES Player 10/11/17

Are you ready to live for Christ?

Speakers: Drew Williams & Eric Gregory