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On October 31, 1517 the world changed. Martin Luther nailed 95 ways the Catholic church was not teaching the truths that are in Scripture. He would go on to write the 5 Sola’s which are the 5 pillars of Christianity. (Scripture alone, Faith alone, Christ alone, Grace alone, and to God’s glory alone.) The Sola’s series will run for 5 weeks as we look at the foundation of our faith and also build excitement to the 500 year anniversary of the 95 theses in October.

Sola Deo Gloria 4/2/2017 SERIES Sola Deo Gloria 4/2/2017

This week we ask the big question, why? Why did God create us? redeem us?…

Sola 3/26/2017 SERIES Sola 3/26/2017

Speaker: Eric Gregory

Sola Gratia 3/19/2017 SERIES Sola Gratia 3/19/2017

How are we redeemed?

Speaker: Drew Williams

Sola Christus 3/12/2017 SERIES Sola Christus 3/12/2017

Who is the one who redeems?

Speaker: Drew Williams

Sola Scriptura 3/5/2017 SERIES Sola Scriptura 3/5/2017

Who is your authority?