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The Story

In our new series, we are looking at The Story of the Bible. All of the Bible can be broken up into four narratives: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration.

Restoration 10/9/2016 SERIES Restoration 10/9/2016

Jesus is our hope. In Him we have a promise of the future.


Redemption 10/2/2016 SERIES Redemption 10/2/2016

Jesus is the only one who can fix the worlds sin problem.

Speaker: Drew…

Fall 9/25/2016 SERIES Fall 9/25/2016

In our second week in The Story series, we look at the Fall. As we look…

Creation 9/18/2016 SERIES Creation 9/18/2016

Creation is so much bigger than a debate between the bible and scientists,…