Nursery Team Leader

The team leader will lovingly oversee the nursery as a whole, helping to maintain safety ratios by moving team members or redirecting children to different rooms.  Responsibilities include assisting in a classroom for a few moments as needed and training new team members.

Minimum Commitment

  • Attend at least one training event each year
  • Attend Nursery Leadership Team meetings 6-8 times annually
  • Choose a time to serve:
    • Sunday Mornings: 2 Weeks On, 4 Weeks Off (One Year, Aug - Aug)
      • 8:55 - 10:45 am (First Service)
      • 10:45 am - 12:30 pm (Second Service)
    • Substitute: As Needed (One Year, Aug - Aug)
      • Serve as your schedule allows on an as needed basis


  • Must be a Member of Calvary Church or be going through the process to become a Member