4th Grade Devotional Bookmarks 2016-17

This week's bookmark is displayed below with a complete listing of this school year's bookmarks listed to the right.  Just click on this week's bookmark or on the lesson number for the week you are looking for to display an image of the bookmark.  You can then use the print feature on your web browser to print the bookmark.

This Week's Bookmark

Bible Timeline: Introduction
God Truth: Old Testament Review

Aug 28: Lesson 1

Bible Timeline: Exile
God Truth: God is Patient

Sept 4: Lesson 2
Sept 11: Lesson 3

Bible Timeline: Josiah
God Truth: God Speaks To Us Through His Word

Sept 18: Lesson 4

Bible Timeline: Daniel - Esther
God Truth: God is Omnipresent

Sept 25: Lesson 5
Oct 2: Lesson 6
Oct 9: Lesson 8

Bible Timeline: Rebuilding Jerusalem
God Truth: God’s Purpose is Unchanging

Oct 16: Lesson 9
Oct 23: Lesson 10

No Bookmarks

Oct 30: Walk Through the Old Testament

Bible Timeline: Christmas
God Truth: Jesus is Fully God & Fully Human

Nov 6: Lesson 12
Nov 13: Lesson 13
Nov 20: Lesson 14

No Bookmarks

Dec 18: Christmas Celebration
Dec 25: No Sunday School
Jan 1: New Year's Day Lesson

Bible Timeline: Life of Christ
God Truth: God calls us to be like Jesus

Nov 27: Lesson 15
Dec 4: Lesson 16
Dec 11: Lesson 17
Jan 8: Lesson 18
Jan 15: Lesson 19
Jan 22: Lesson 20
Jan 29: Lesson 21
Feb 5: Lesson 22
Feb 12: Lesson 24
Feb 19: Lesson 25
Feb 26: Lesson 27
Mar 5: Lesson 28

God Truth: ACTS Bridge

Mar 12: Lesson 29

God Truth: God is a Trinity

Mar 19: Lesson 30
Mar 26: Lesson 31

God Truth: The Church is a Body

Apr 2: Lesson 32

Bible Timeline: Biblical & Historical Persecution
God Truth: God Uses Persecution to Grow His Church

Apr 9: Lesson 33

Bible Timeline: Easter
God Truth: Rise & Shine

Apr 16: Easter Celebration

Bible Timeline: Gospel to the Gentiles
God Truth: Salvation is for All People

Apr 23: Lesson 35

Bible Timeline: Key Leaders in Early Church
God Truth: God Uses  People to Build His Church

Apr 30: Lesson 36
May 7: Lesson 37

Bible Timeline: Epistles
God Truth: God’s Word is the Church’s Instruction Manual

May 14: Lesson 38

Bible Timeline: Paul
God Truth: God Calls Us to Spread the Gospel Today

May 21: Lesson 39
May 28: Lesson 40

God Truth: God Has A Purpose for Your Life

Jun 4: Lesson 41

No Bookmarks

Jun 11: Walk Through the New Testament
Jun 18: Missions Celebration