It is the duty of every church to respond to the Bible's call to justice (Isaiah 1:17) "Seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan..." and (James 1:27) " care for the orphans..." Therefore, the purpose of the Calvary Church Compassion Ministry is to glorify God and pursue a life in Christ by fulfilling the Biblical mandate through acts of compassion on a global and local level. Towards that end, the Compassion Ministry's mission is to bring an awareness to the care for orphans and all children at risk: educating others of the various ways they can take an active role in meeting the needs of vulnerable children, providing information and resources to current adoptive families and those interested in caring for orphans and to provide emotional support for those taking an active role in caring for orphans.

Definition for "children at risk" (or vulnerable children):

A child without proper parental care or control.

Tapestry's Mission is to:
•  bring glory to God as we pursue life in Christ
•  bring awareness to God's proclamation to care for orphans and all children at risk
•  connect children at risk with healthy Christian families so they can pursue life in Christ
•  educate others regarding the dire need to care for orphans and to promote care for orphans and foster children through adoption, foster parenting, child sponsorship, short-term trips, special projects and prayer
•  educate and expose the church body to global social justice issues and poverty around the world

Orphan Care - to provide emotional support and education through pre-adoption/post-adoption resources:
   »  Adoption
   »  Foster Care
   »  Safe Families for Children
   »  Safe Families Plus

Children at Risk Awareness - to plan, organize and oversee various activities for the benefit of vulnerable children through local and global initiatives:

   °  Special Projects
   °  Short-term Ministry Trips
   °  Education
   °  Marketing/Research/Resources

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in My name welcomes Me..."
Mark 9:37