The Tapestry Ministry exists to serve children and families by encouraging and equipping for foster, adoption, respite care and mentoring. Tapestry is here to connect interested families with services, supports, and reputable agencies, and to encourage families along the way.

Calvary Church wants to model the love of Christ to 100 at-risk children, youth, and their families in our own community and around the world through:

Safe Families for Children (SFFC): SFFC would connect your family
with a family in crisis who is in need of respite and support.
Safe Families Plus: This program focuses solely on providing qualified
mentors to youth who are aging out of the child welfare system (ages 16-22)
and working toward independent living.
Foster Care: Foster care involves becoming formally approved as a
resource family through various foster/adoption agencies.
Adoption: Those interested in pursuing domestic or international
adoption opportunities must go through one of numerous, effective
adoption agencies.

Interested in learning more?

Tapestry can help you network with other families to ask questions and explore opportunities.

Mom's Night Out
Come relax and enjoy fellowship and discussion during Mom's Night Out which meets on the third Tuesday of every other month: September, November, January, March, and May from 7-9PM. We welcome all foster, adoptive, respite, and SFFC mom's. Contact tapestrycalvary@gmail.com for location and if you want to be added to our email list for exact dates.

Check out fostering and adoption resources in the Church Library. 

Questions? Contact the Tapestry Ministry at tapestrycalvary@gmail.com

Tapestry's Mission is to...
• Celebrate the blessing and miracle of adoption, foster care, and Safe Families for Children!

• Provide education on the need of orphans in our world to be loved and cared for through adoption, foster care and other orphan care ministries.
• Bring awareness of God's proclamation to care for orphans.
• Create a support network to provide help and information to fostering and adoptive families, as well as families who are planning to foster or adopt a child.
• Provide opportunities for fellowship with other fostering and adoptive families.
• Offer educational seminars on topics related to adoption, foster care and orphan care.

Are you considering adoption or foster care or are you in the midst of raising adopted children? We'd love to hear from you! We can answer questions and connect you with our educational and fellowship activities.

For more information contact a Tapestry team member at tapestrycalvary@gmail.com  or contact Pastor George May at 717/560-2341 or gmay@calvarychurch.org