An Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) is a learning environment which provides you with an opportunity to Live God's Word by "learning what it means and doing what it says" within a smaller, more relational setting at Calvary Church. In fact, ABFs are a great way live out several of Calvary's vision and values.

ABFs meet at 8:00, 9:15, and 11:00 every Sunday. Classes vary in age group and format, but all share a focus on providing their members with a chance to grow with God's people as they pursue life in Christ together.

What is an ABF?

An Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) is a group which provides you with an opportunity to be involved, known and loved within Calvary Church. ABF classes are groups of 15 to 100 members who meet together each Sunday morning at 8:00, 9:15, or 11:00. The size of these groups makes interactive learning very effective and relationships easy to form. 

ABF classes provide opportunities for Bible study, building relationships, prayer and service. In short, ABFs provide you with the chance to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Adult – identifies the Audience

These classes are designed to meet the needs of adults (about 21 and up).

Many of our classes are grouped by “stage of life.” But we also have classes that address specific needs and levels of maturity.

Bible – identifies the Content

The Bible functions as the primary source and center of the ABF classes. Faith and practice are tested by their correspondence with Scripture; therefore we will attempt to have a balanced, holistic, and practical curriculum.

Fellowship – identifies the Atmosphere

We want Calvary to be the smallest big church around. This starts in the ABF where we are seeking to build spiritual communities, where individuals can begin to develop relationships and feel comfortable interacting with others.