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We all want to be free – really free – in every aspect of life. But sometimes we are enslaved to warped thinking, dominating passions and relentless guilt. Freedom's there for the taking, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why not take it? Paul's Letter to the Galatians is our guide to breaking free of all that's entangling us and bringing us down. Let's embrace the Gospel, all of it, and get fully and finally ... Freed Up!

Upcoming Messages 


June 25th - Free Delivery

July 2nd - Free Trade

July 9th - Free Agent

July 16th - Free Gift

July 23rd - Free Spirit

July 30th - Free for All

August 6th - Free Time

August 13th - Free at Last

August 20th - Free Rein

August 27th - Free Love

September 3rd - Free and Clear